Loctite Instant Adhesive Structural Bond


Together at long last. New Loctite Universal Structural Bonders combine quick-setting cyanoacrylates with durable epoxies, so you can meet assembly and repair challenges universally.

The technology is patented. Only versatile Loctite hybrids join metals, plastics and rubbers with structural bonds engineered to save you time and money. Cut material expenses and save time in production—a winning combination you’d expect from a winning combination.

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Product Attributes Color Ratio Work Life Fixture Time Package Size(s)
For Design
HY 4090 (View TDS) Fast and Versatile Opaque 1:1 5-10 min No Gap: 3-4 min
1 mm: 4-6 min
50 ml, 400 ml, 18kg
HY 4090 GY (View TDS) Grey 50 ml
HY 4080 (View TDS) Tough and Versatile Off-White 1:1 5-10 min No Gap: 9-10 min
1 mm: 13-15 min
50 ml, 400 ml
HY 4080 GY (View TDS) Grey
For Repair
HY 4070 (View TDS) Ultra-fast and Versatile Semi-Trans. 10:1 ‹ 5 min No Gap: ‹ 20sec
1 mm: 4-6 min
10 ml
HY 4060 GY (View TDS) Fast and Durable Grey 1:1 5-10 min No Gap: 3-4 min
1 mm: 4-6 min
25 ml
Loctite HY 4090


General purpose, fast and strong structural bonder for assembly

Loctite HY 4080


Tough and robust structural bonder for assembly

Loctite HY 4070


Ultra-fast, universal repair adhesive

Loctite HY 4060


Durable, 5-minute repair adhesive