Desco ESD Survey Program


It's an unavoidable risk. The average person alone stores hundreds, or even thousands, of electrostatic volts at any given time — yet it takes just 25V to cause irreversible damage to delicate electronic circuitry. In truth, static is everywhere, and it's responsible for an estimated $5 billion in damages annually in the US alone. Fortunately, it's easy to reduce the threat of damage from electrostatic events with a free ESD audit from Desco — the best way to ensure an effective overall static control program.


When Desco performs your initial ESD audit, a resurvey is always available free of charge. Validate compliance for recent improvements or document changes in processes or personnel. It's an easy, cost-effective way to maintain a valid ESD control program.


  • Is it compliant to your own internal standards?
  • Is it compliant to your customer(s) standards?
  • Is it compliant to industry-accepted standards?
  • Is it costing your company too much money and/or future business?


  • World's largest manufacturer of ESD control products
  • 39 years of experience
  • ESD-certified technicians